Sampoorna Ramayan

Welcome To Sampurn Ramayana

Embrace Yourself for A Broadway Style Ramlila

Aryan Heritage Foundation brings forth Sampurn Ramayana – the epic Ramayana showcased in a classy Broadway Theatrical demeanor. The saga will depict all the events in the life of Lord Ram from childhood to His coronation, in meager three hours, at Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura, New Delhi from 02 nd to 07 th October 2019, every day at 07:00 pm. The brainchild of Rajender Mittal, Sampurn Ramayana is not just any other drama. It is an endeavor to convey the teachings and moral values embedded in this extraordinary scripture to the young generation of India. It aims at the idea of the younger lot benefitting from the rich cultural heritage of a great country like ours. And in order to reach out to multitudes that are busy in their fast-paced lives or working multiple shifts, Sampurn Ramayana has been treated in a very innovative way. The theatrical has been woven into a Broadway-style fabric and embellished with Massive Multi-Layer LED screens in order to give depth to the scenes and a 3D effect to all visuals. This level of technology is used only in massive scale productions at Broadway and was introduced to India by Kingdom of Dreams. The cherry on this cake is the time duration of three hours, which promises that the show will be crisp and entertaining at all times, yet conveying the message it wants to as the language used is simple Hindi.

Aryan Heritage Foundation, an Indian NGO, which is dedicated to the cause of spreading awareness and enlightenment about rich Indian Heritage and Culture. The foundation strives to balance the heavy inclination of our generation towards western culture and values. While the shift is primarily driven by modern lifestyle and professional dependencies lured by the mirage of quality of life, it is ironical to see Westerners adopting Indian Culture for a deeper understanding of self and the universe for better quality of life. Aryan Heritage Foundation is committed to bridge this gap by spreading our rich Indian Heritage and Cultural values on a modern platform, in a language understood by youth, and in a time frame which fits in today’s hectic lifestyle and busy schedule.